Biggest winners and losers from the Jaguars' 2024 NFL Draft class

Here are the players and coaches who benefited the most from the Jaguars' 2024 NFL Draft class. Also, a couple who were affected.
Jul 30, 2021; Jacksonville, FL, USA;  Jacksonville Jaguars offensive tackle Walker Little (72) and
Jul 30, 2021; Jacksonville, FL, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars offensive tackle Walker Little (72) and / Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports
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Jaguars No. 2 biggest winner from the 2024 NFL Draft: DC Ryan Nielsen

As noted before, the Jaguars didn't invest many draft picks on offense and instead focused on fortifying the defense. Out of their nine picks, five were on that side of the ball, and three of them were on the defensive trenches.

The Jaguars couldn't stop opposing teams from running the ball last season, especially in the second half. Some of it was due to the team's dearth of discipline. Their lack of physicality also played a role. To remedy the issue, Jacksonville dismissed defensive coordinator Mike Caldwell and hired Ryan Nielsen to take his place. The team's brass then proceeded to give Nielsen some talented pieces to work with.

In free agency, the Jags signed Arik Armstead. He's equally adept at stopping the run and generating pressure. On top of that, he'll provide veteran leadership. Signing Armstead might've been enough but the front office didn't stop there. Instead, they kept adding reinforcements in the draft.

First, the Jaguars used a second-round pick on Maason Forster. They then drafted Jordan Jefferson in the fourth round. Once it looked like they were done making additions to the defensive trenches, they chose Myles Cole, an intriguing developmental prospect, in the seventh round.

Nielsen's area expertise is the defensive line and general manager Trent Baalke made sure to get him three prospects, on top of Armstead. If Nielsen can get the most out of his group, the Jaguars' defensive front will be near unstoppable in 2024.

Jaguars No. 1 biggest loser from the 2024 NFL Draft: Walker Little

Based on the moves the Jaguars have made in the offseason, Walker Little won't probably get a chance to start anytime soon. Cam Robinson was seen as a potential trade candidate/cap-casualty but he's expected to stay in 2024. On top of that, the team's brass drafted offensive tackle Javon Foster.

Little has flashed starting potential but he'll tentatively be stuck behind Robinson next season. Foster, on the other hand, will probably be groomed as a swing tackle, so it's hard to envision Little being part of the team's long-term plans.