Andre Cisco willing to return punts, notes from Jaguars coach Heath Farwell's presser

• Andre Cisco is the emergency punter for the Jaguars

• Having a ST core allows Heath Farwell to focus on other details

• Chad Hall is a great guy to be around

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2. What makes Jaguars WR Chad Hall so likeable?

With the exception of a high school coach, it looks like everyone likes Jaguars wide receivers coach Chad Hall. You will be hard-pressed to find anyone who has anything bad to say about him. In fact, his players will publicly vouch for him.

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs wasn't certainly pleased to hear his position coach was leaving earlier this year and Hall has immediately clicked with his players in Jacksonville. Having previously worked with him, Heath Farwell knows what makes Hall so successful at what he does.

"We were excited to get a chance Chad a good friend of the families", Farwell told the media. "When he came down [to Jacksonville], he actually stayed with my family and I for about a month and a half till his family moved down, so our families are close. He's like a brother to me. What you see right away is energy, is passion. Not only for the game but for his players. And they feel that he's genuine."

"They know that he has their backs, you get that in your friendship with him and he's just a special guy to have around because he relates to the players so much, he gets the most out of receivers," Farwell said.

Farwell goes on to say that developing a relationship with players early on, showing passion and being genuine are the best attributes a coach can have and Farwell possesses them all.

Chris Jackson got the most out of his receivers last year, so it was a bit of a concerning news that he was joining the Texas coaching staff. However, it looks like the Jaguars got a capable replacement (and possibly an upgrade) in Hall.