Andre Cisco willing to return punts, notes from Jaguars coach Heath Farwell's presser

• Andre Cisco is the emergency punter for the Jaguars

• Having a ST core allows Heath Farwell to focus on other details

• Chad Hall is a great guy to be around

Jacksonville Jaguars Offseason Workout
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Most of the Jacksonville Jaguars' special teams core from last year remains in place. which gives coach Heath Farwell the chance to focus on other parts of his unit. Farwell met with the media on Day 8 of Jaguars training camp and that about the advantages of not having to look for a punter, kicker, or long snapper.

"It's a great feeling", Farwell said. "Last season, we've gone through a bunch of kickers, the fact that we're at this point and we're stacked at all positions, it's a great feeling as a coach. And allows me to let those do what they do at a high level like they do and I can worry about the core guys. What does that look like? The coverage units, the kick return game with a punt return game, so I can emphasize more of that and less those specialists that we have".

3. The Jaguars special teams core didn't undergo many changes

The Jags moved on from Matthew Wright, who handled kicking duties in 2021, early last year and went through Ryan Santoso, Andrew Mevis and Elliot Fry before settling on Riley Patterson.

Although Patterson finished the season strong, he had limited leg strength, so Jacksonville didn't pass on the opportunity to acquire Brandon McManus when the Denver Broncos released him.

McManus is a vested veteran that can routinely make field goals beyond the 50 yard-line, so the Jags won't have to worry about the kicking position heading into the regular season. On top of that, long-snapper Ross Matiscik, returner Jamal Agnew and punter Logan Cooke back, which gives Farwell and the Jaguars continuity at special teams.