AFC South Week 8 Power Rankings: Jacksonville Jaguars in control of the division

• The Jaguars are 5-2 after beating the Saints on TNF

• The rest of the AFC South is lagging

• Here's a ranking of the division ahead of Week 8

Jacksonville Jaguars v New Orleans Saints
Jacksonville Jaguars v New Orleans Saints / Perry Knotts/GettyImages
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No. 3 team in the AFC South heading into Week 8: Indianapolis Colts,

Props to first-year head coach Shane Steichen. The Indianapolis Colts are a flawed team but they'll compete week in and week out. They were vastly overmatched against the Cleveland Browns but they didn't care. Although they ended up losing, they showed up and gave their all.

Maybe if Indy had Anthony Richardson in the fold, they would've pulled off the win. At this point, Gardner Minshew has proven he's not a good starting quarterback. His stats look better than they really are because he pads them near the end of game, when the Colts no longer have a chance to win.

Make no mistake, Minshew can come off the bench and win a couple games if needed. However, he's better suited for a backup role at this point of his career. Against the Browns, he completed 65.2 percent of his passes for 305 yards with two touchdowns and no interceptions. Granted, he was facing a pretty good defense and his supporting cast is less than stellar.

However, this would've been a great opportunity for Minshew to prove he can carry a team on his shoulders. He failed to seize it. Leaving the mustachioed quarterback aside, rookie Joshua Dobbs continues to take steps in the right direction, hauling in five receptions for 125 yards with a touchdown.

Moreover, the running back duo of Jonathan Taylor and Zack Moss had a combined 132 yards on 36 carries between the two, so not everything was doom and gloom for Indianapolis. Moving forward, they'll keep losing games but they'll also find ways to win here and there.