5 worst moves the Jacksonville Jaguars have made this offseason

• The Jaguars made several important acquisitions in the offseason but also made a few questionable moves.
Jacksonville Jaguars fans, from left, Griffin Lasch, Garrett Roberson, and Gabriel Mont react to
Jacksonville Jaguars fans, from left, Griffin Lasch, Garrett Roberson, and Gabriel Mont react to / Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Union / USA
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The Jacksonville Jaguars made several acquisitions in the offseason that should put them in a position to compete for the AFC South title next season. On the other hand, they also made a few decisions that either didn't move the needle or could outright affect them.

Specifically, the following five moves didn't make sense for cap reasons or from a team-building perspective.

Signing Joey Slye in free agency

The Jaguars replaced Riley Patterson with Brandon McManus last year because they thought the latter would bring stability at kicker. Unfortunately, things didn't work out the way the team's brass envisioned. Although McManus had a stronger leg than Patterson, he went 5-of-10 in attempts of 50+ yards.

McManus ended up being one and done in Jacksonville. To fill the void left by his departure. the Jags courted Wil Lutz, who reached a deal during the tampering period but he ultimately shunned them and returned with the Denver Broncos. The front office proceeded to ink Joey Slye.

Even though Slye has been relatively solid throughout his career, he completed just 79.8 percent of his field goals in 2023. That's the second-lowest mark of his career. In Jacksonville, he was going to need to compete with Patterson for the kicker job.

But things took a turn when the Jags drafted Cam Little. Not long after, they released Slye, showing that they weren't particularly high on him to begin with and probably signed him because they had no better options at the time.

The silver lining is that Slye's guarantees on the contract he signed were minimal, so the Jaguars were able to cut ties with him without incurring heavy dead cap penalties. But even if Jacksonville hadn't drafted Little, it doesn't look like they were enthused about signing Slye, which is why the move felt unnecessary.