5 reasons to get super excited about Jaguars training camp

• The Jaguars aren't dealing with any holdouts

• Trevor Lawrence will connect with Calvin Ridley

• The Jags have a clean bill of health (mostly)

Fans in the east stands watch the opening kickoff of Sunday's Jaguars game against the Raiders.
Fans in the east stands watch the opening kickoff of Sunday's Jaguars game against the Raiders. / Bob Self/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY
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No. 1 The Jaguars will build on from last year's success in training camp

Urban Meyer left the Jaguars in a state of disarray and that's saying something when you take into account that he took over a team that went 1-15 the season before he arrived. During his short stint, he built an enviroment of distrust and used intimidation tactics to "motivate" his players. This led to his dismisal less than a year after getting hired.

To repair the morale, the Jaguars knew they didn't need someone who knew Xs and Os but rather a leader of man, a coach that could connect with players and put them in a position to succeed. The organization ultimately zeroed in on Doug Pederson after an extensive search, and while he's only been one season at the helm, he's off to a great start.

Right off the bat, the coach known as Pug Dederson said that his priority was to gain his players' trust and believed that was key if the Jaguars wanted to turn things around. His players responded to his approach and he had them rallying behind him just a few months after he landed in Jacksonville.

Even though the Jags were off to a slow start last season, they picked up steam and went 7-1 in their last eight games. They ended up making the playoffs and winning the AFC South, a pair of great accomplishments for a team that had won a combined 15 games the previous four years.

Now, Pederson has his sight set on bigger things and you will be hard-pressed to find a players that isn't thrilled to suit up for him. If the Jaguars manage to make the most of training camp and get to a solid start to the 2023 season, they'll have the chance to accomplish huge things.

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