5 prospects the Jacksonville Jaguars must avoid in Round 1 of the 2023 NFL Draft

Jacksonville Jaguars fans Griffin Lasch, center, and Garrett Roberson, right, react to costly.
Jacksonville Jaguars fans Griffin Lasch, center, and Garrett Roberson, right, react to costly. / Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Union / USA
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The Jacksonville Jaguars have loaded up on talent the last two seasons and they currently have playmakers at key positions. Having said that, their defense needs upgrades and their offensive line could also use reinforcements.

Working in the Jags' favor is that they're set to have nine selections in the 2023 NFL Draft and that should suffice to address most of their needs. Then again, they must hit on their early-round picks if they want to pick up where they left off last season. This is why they should refrain from choosing these five prospects.

5. prospect the Jacksonville Jaguars should avoid in the draft: Bryan Bresee

The Jaguars have done a good job of keeping many of their players who were set to leave in free agency. Among those that returned are Roy Robertson-Harris and Adam Gotsis. Both were important cogs on their defensive front last year. Also, the general manager brought in a couple of projects with intriguing upside in Michael Dogby and Henry Mondeaux.

Still, the Jags need to keep restocking their defensive front and they could do it at No. 24, where they could choose Clemson Bryan Bresee. The former Clemson Tiger has the power and a wide pass-rush repertoire to shed blocks. He also has the speed and quickness to consistently create pressure up front. The issue is that Bresee has dealt with a wide array of injuries over the last two years, which has in turn hindered his development.

So not only does Bresee carry injury flags ahead of the draft but also is somewhat of a raw prospect, which makes him a high-risk, high-reward pick in the first round. If the Jaguars have other better, safer options they should pass on Bresee altogether.