5 most important Jaguars games for the 2024 NFL season

• The Jaguars have a mix of tough and relatively easy games in 2024. They'd surely love to win the next 5.
Oct 8, 2023; London United Kingdom, Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen (17) carries the ball
Oct 8, 2023; London United Kingdom, Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen (17) carries the ball / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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Jaguars vs. Titans Week 17

The Tennessee Titans are still in the midst of a rebuild but beating them won't be a walk in the park. As a matter of fact, they struggled for most of 2023 but managed to play spoiler in the finale, effectively eliminating the Jags from playoff contention.

The Titans want to see if sophomore Will Levis is their quarterback in the future but even if he isn't, they've built a competitive roster that will help them pull off a couple upsets next season. While it's hard to see them vying for a playoff seed in Week 17, they could make things complicated for Jacksonville.

Let's say, the Jags can clinch a playoff spot or the division with a win over the Titans but lose. They would then have to go into the finale needing to beat the Colts to get in. They would still have a chance to qualify, but it would be much better to enter Week 18 not having to worry about getting a ticket. Tennessee will try to stop it from happening.

Week 11 @ Lions

Before the schedule was announced, this was seen as a potential Thanksgiving matchup. In the end, it was slated for Week 11. Either way, the Jaguars shouldn't pass up the change to make a statement. This game will be held just one week before their BYE, and beating the Lions would be a huge confidence booster before they enjoy some time off.

After all, the Lions are one of the hottest teams in the league, and they handed the Jags their most embarrassing loss in 2022. That year, they won six of their last seven games but were crushed by Detroit 40-14. The opportunity to exact revenge should incentivize the Jaguars to beat their feline counterparts.

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