5 Jaguars staring at the chance to earn their 1st Pro Bowl nomination in 2023

Trevor Lawrence and return specialist Jamal Agnew represented the Jacksonville Jaguars in the Pro Bowl last year. Here are other Jaguars with a chance to get their first nomination in 2023.
Jacksonville Jaguars running back Travis Etienne Jr. (1) signals a first down pickup.
Jacksonville Jaguars running back Travis Etienne Jr. (1) signals a first down pickup. / Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Union / USA
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1. Jaguars player staring at this 1st Pro Bowl selection: Calvin Ridley, WR

The Calvin Ridley hype is real. The Alabama product hasn't played a snap for the Jaguars yet but he's already turning heads around the league. The fact that he hasn't suited up for an NFL game since 2021 makes him an intriguing player to watch. While there's always the risk he could be rusty after not playing in more than a year, he's got lots of time to get ready before the start of the 2023 season.

Also, he's in great mental shape after dealing with lots of things on and off the field over the last three seasons. So far, he's left a strong impression among Jaguars coaches and players and he's done it without pads. Imagine what he'll do once puts them on.

The Jaguars' brass deserves lots of recognition for trading for Ridley last year. He was serving a suspension for betting on football games and had stepped away from football because he wanted to focus on his mental health. You could make the case that not many clubs would have taken the chance but Jacksonville did and it's already paying dividends.

Back in 2020, one year before Ridley dealt with injuries and off-field stuff, he hauled in 90 receptions for 1,374 yards with nine touchdowns. Based on what he's shown in offseason practices, the Florida native should be that player for the Jaguars in 2023.

Having Trevor Lawrence throwing passes at him next season, not only does Ridley have a realistic shot at becoming the NFL Comeback Player of the Year in 2023 but nothing is stopping him from making the Pro Bowl for the first time in his career.

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