5 Jaguars not named Trevor Lawrence who've seen their stock go up after training camp

• A handful of Jaguars made the most of their chance to make strong impression in Jaguars training camp
Jacksonville Jaguars tight end Gerrit Prince (86) looks on during the first day of a mandatory camp.
Jacksonville Jaguars tight end Gerrit Prince (86) looks on during the first day of a mandatory camp. / Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Union / USA
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No. 1 Jaguars player who's seen his stock go up after training camp: Josh Allen, OLB

Outside linebacker Josh Allen has been a key contributor on defense since the Jaguars drafted him seventh overall in 2019. However, the team's brass thinks he hasn't reached his full potential yet. That's why they exercised the fifth-year option on his rookie deal in 2022 but want him to break out before they make a long-term commitment to him.

Allen excelled at causing disruption at the line of scrimmage last year, racking up 68 total pressures, the seventh most among pass rushers in the NFL. Also, he was the fourth-most effective edge defender in true pass sets. Having said that, Allen's still has room for improvement. In particular, his sack tally needs to go up.

While it's true that sacks aren't the only way to measure a pass rusher's effectiveness or lack thereof, they're still an important metric. Disrupting the pocket and taking on blocks, so can others make plays is also important but bringing the quarterback down is the kind of impact play that can take momentum away from an offense and take drives.

That's why Allen has put in the work in training camp to turn some of his pressures into sacks next year. After choosing not to be present at OTAs earlier this year, he's operated with a sense of urgency ahead of the offseason.

Allen has previously shown he can take over games. Now, he needs to do it consistently if he wants to secure a long term extension and join the upper-echelon of pass rushers in the NFL.

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