5 Jaguars games that should be in primetime in 2024 (but probably won't)

Atlanta Falcons v Jacksonville Jaguars
Atlanta Falcons v Jacksonville Jaguars / Stephen Pond/GettyImages
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Jaguars vs. Cleveland Browns

The Jags had a chance to solidify their chances of earning a playoff seed in the second half of 2023. All they had to do was to beat a Cleveland Browns team who was starting an aging Joe Flacco at quarterback.

At the time, Flacco signed with Cleveland because they had run out of healthy quarterbacks. Having spent the previous weeks on his coach, the Super Bowl 47 MVP wasn't expected to do much but ended up leading the Browns to a win. That was the start of their playoff run and talks about him being the comeback player of the year.

What's frustrating is that the Jaguars were the better team on paper and had several chances to put down the Browns. Ultimately, they fell flat. Flacco is now with the Indianapolis Colts and Cleveland will tentatively start a healthy Deshaun Watson behind center in 2024. Still, Jacksonville would want to get a slice of revenge after failing to take care of business last year.

Jaguars vs. or @ Tennessee Titans

If the Jaguars don't get a primetime game against the Houston Texans (or even if they do), they should get the Tennessee Titans. While they undergoing a full rebuild, the Titans have made several moves in the offseason that will at least make them competitive. One of the biggest ones they pulled off was poaching wide receiver Calvin Ridley away from Jacksonville.

Back in free agency, it looked like the Jags were close to locking up Ridley before Tennessee swopped in and signed Ridley away. Leaving aside the fact that they've already replaced Ridley with Brian Thomas Jr., they cannot let their division foes disrespect them like that.

The Titans also managed to trade for cornerback L'Jarius Sneed, so they won't be toothless. On top of that, quarterback Will Levis is expected to improve in 2024, and they could turn out to be a tough opponent.

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