5 Jacksonville Jaguars players who must be extended after the cap spike

• The Jaguars will have a bit of extra cap space to work with in 2024. They should consider using it to extend one (or two) of the following players.

Oct 19, 2023; New Orleans, Louisiana, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence (16)
Oct 19, 2023; New Orleans, Louisiana, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence (16) / Matthew Hinton-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Andre Cisco, safety

Defensive coordinator Ryan Nielsen told the media during his introductory press conference that one of the reasons he took the job was because of the talent the Jaguars had in place. He wasn't lying. Besides outside linebackers Josh Allen and Travon Walker, he'll get to coach players such as the ascending Andre Cisco.

Coming out of college, Cisco got the dreaded injury-flag label. This made him slide to the third round despite the fact that he was a ballhawk for the Orangemen, tallying 13 interceptions and 14 passes defensed in 24 games. In Jacksonville, though, the New York, Queens native has managed to stay relatively healthy. Not only that but he's become a playmaker in the defensive backfield over the past two seasons, registering a combined seven interceptions, 15 passes defensed, and a forced fumble.

The only reason Cisco's numbers aren't much better is that he began his rookie season on the sidelines and only got onto the field when injuries forced the coaching staff to thrust him into action. Entering his fourth NFL season, he hasn't had that true breakout season but it may be a matter of time before he does. That's why it would be in the Jaguars' best interest to give him a contract extension already.

Cisco is set to make a modest $3.4 million in 2024 but his salary will go up considerably once he gets a new contract. At least 12 safeties are slated to make $10 million or more next season (with the top five getting over $15 million). Cisco will probably want to get a contract in the top 5-10 range, so the sooner the Jags give him an extension, the less they'll have to pay him.