5 affordable free agent targets for the Jacksonville Jaguars this offseason

• Here are 4 cost-efficient free agents who could fill needs for the Jaguars in free agency.

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1. Jon Runyan Jr., right guard, Green Bay Packers

The Jaguars have already started to make moves to create cap space ahead of free agency. More could be coming, but for the time being, it looks like veteran Brandon Scherff is safe. His status could change at any time but it looks like the Jaguars may roll with him in 2024, even if that means taking on the $23.9 million cap hit is set to have.

But if the Jags change their mind and cut ties with Scherff, they'll need to find his replacement at right tackle. Kevin Dotson would be the best one in free agency but he's going to command top market money. Next is Robert Hunt, who may also be in demand in the open market. Working in the Jags' favor is that there will be other budget-friendly options available. One of them is Jon Runyan Jr.

Son of the Jon Runyan who played for the Tennessee Titans and the Philadelphia Eagles, the younger Runyan has spent his full NFL career with the Green Bay Packers. He hardly played as a rookie but he worked his way up the depth chart and has made 50 starts the past three years.

Runyan is far from a Pro Bowl-caliber guard but he's a dependable starter that will protect whoever's behind center. Last year, he gave up 21 total pressures and two sacks. If he can get a bit better as a run blocker in Jacksonville, he could fill the void Scherff's potential departure would create at a reasonable price.

Furthermore, signing Runyan wouldn't prevent the Jags from going after a guard prospect such as Christian Mahogany in the later rounds of the draft. However you look at it, this could turn out to be a low-risk, high-reward move for Jacksonville.

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