4 steps the Jacksonville Jaguars must take to upgrade the O-Line in 2024

• The Jaguars have gotten mixed production from their O-Line in 2023. Here are 4 moves the front office can make next offseason to upgrade the unit.

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3. Give Ezra Cleveland a one-year deal

One of the team's biggest offseason blunders was not addressing the left guard position. They expected Ben Bartch to come back from a knee injury he suffered last year. Bartch spent the offseason recovering and returned in time for the opener. Unfortunately, he struggled and was eventually benched in favor of veteran Tyler Shatley.

While Shatley is a dependable backup who can play all three positions inside, he's not a long-term starter. Still, the Jags went with him because they had no better options. Once Cam Robinson returned from a suspension to start the season, Little was moved to left guard. When Little got hurt, Shatley returned to the lineup.

In an effort to provide stability at the position, Jacksonville traded for Ezra Cleveland at the deadline. Cleveland was dealing with a foot sprain at the time of the trade. Once he healed and got acclimated, he was plugged in at left guard. He's been limited by injuries this season —both in Jacksonville and Minnesota — but he's proven to be a reliable player when healthy.

All things considered, Cleveland hasn't had enough time to hit his stride, so the Jaguars should consider bringing him back on a one-year deal. He could benefit from spending a full offseason season with the Jaguars, with a chance to raise his stock while top brass would check off a box on their to-do list.