4 offseason trades the Jacksonville Jaguars can make to immediately get better

• Here are 4 players the Jaguars should consider trading for this offseason.

Jan 7, 2024; Paradise, Nevada, USA; Denver Broncos wide receiver Jerry Jeudy (10) gains yardage
Jan 7, 2024; Paradise, Nevada, USA; Denver Broncos wide receiver Jerry Jeudy (10) gains yardage / Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports
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1. Jerry Jeudy, receiver

The Jaguars could be in the market for a receiver this offseason. Calvin Ridley, who's coming off a 1,000-yard season, is set to hit the open market. The team's brass has made it clear they want him back, and Trevor Lawrence has also vouched for him. However, as part of the trade they made in 2022, Jacksonville will need to give the Atlanta Falcons a second-round pick if they extend Ridley. That could be a potential roadblock to getting a deal done before free agency.

Maybe the Jags could re-sign Ridley once he hits free agency but the risk of doing so is that other teams could outbid them for his services. But even if they manage to retain Ridley, there's a chance Zay Jones will be a cap casualty. Although he has a manageable cap hit of $10.7 million, the Jags could get $4.1 million in space if they want to get a bit of cap relief or if they don't think he'll bounce back from an injury-marred season.

If the Jaguars ultimately find themselves in need of receiver help, they could then inquire about Jerry Jeudy. Last year, the Denver Broncos were offered a third and fifth-round selection at the trade deadline. They chose to keep Jeudy but they might've changed their mind after he failed to finish the season strong.

Granted, Jeudy's less-than-stellar production wasn't solely his fault. He was consistently overlooked, which makes you wonder if Denver truly thinks he's part of their long-term parts. It doesn't hurt to give them a call and see if they're now entertaining offers.

Denver exercised Jeudy's fifth-year option and he's set to count $12.9 million against the cap in 2024. Any team that traded for him would take on his salary and would eventually need to give him a new deal.

It's possible that the Broncos don't want to move him but they may have no choice. The prospect of freeing up a considerable amount of cap space while getting one or two picks may be too good to pass up. Also, Jeudy could benefit from a change of scenery. While he has at times taken over games, he has yet to reach his potential at Mile High. The Jaguars could offer him that fresh start IF they aren't able to bring back Calvin Ridley or if they move on from Zay Jones.

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