4 Jaguars players trending toward an offseason exit in Jacksonville

• The Jaguars will need to reshuffle their roster next offseason

• Here are 4 players who may not be part of their plans in 2024

Nov 12, 2023; Jacksonville, Florida, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars outside linebacker K'Lavon Chaisson
Nov 12, 2023; Jacksonville, Florida, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars outside linebacker K'Lavon Chaisson / Morgan Tencza-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Jamal Agnew is trending toward an exit with the Jaguars

The Urban Meyer era didn't bring many good things to the Jaguars but if you scrape the bottom of the barrel, you'll find out that there are a few positives to come out of Meyer's 2021stint, even if they were few and far between. One of them was the construction of Miller Electric Center. The other one was the addition of return specialist Jamal Agnew.

While Meyer's message usually didn't match his actions, he said he wanted to put a premium on special teams. Signing Agnew in free agency to a three-year deal was a step in that direction. Right off the bat, the former San Diego Torero showed his impact in the return game, taking back a missed field goal and a kickoff in consecutive weeks.

Agnew also proved his worth on offense, moonlighting as a Swiss knife. Whether it was on a jet sweep, or lined up out wide, he was a threat to score. Last year, Agnew filled in nicely for Zay Jones when he had to miss a few games early in the season. He ended up hauling in 23 receptions for 187 yards with three touchdowns.

However, things haven't gone as well for Agnew this season. His production has been hurt by drops and a fumble. He once again stepped in for Jones when he suffered a knee injury but wasn't nearly as successful as last year. To make matters worse, the former fifth-round pick was placed on Injured Reserve after suffering a shoulder injury against the San Francisco 49ers in Week 10.

Agnew could return later in the season for a potential playoff run, but it's hard to picture him sticking around beyond 2023. While he's still valuable in the return game, he may be a luxury the Jaguars may not be able to afford next year.