4 contracts holding the Jacksonville Jaguars back right now

• The Jaguars wouldn't have much trouble navigating this offseason if it weren't for these four contracts.

Hope Spooner, right, and Brooke Ward react to costly mistakes committed by the Jacksonville Jaguars
Hope Spooner, right, and Brooke Ward react to costly mistakes committed by the Jacksonville Jaguars / Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Union / USA
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3. Brandon Scherff, right guard

Scheduled salary for 2024: $23.9 M
Potential savings if released: $9.09 M
Dead cap: $14.8 M

Cam Robinson isn't the only hog molly who appeared on this illustrious list. Right guard Brandon Scherff also made the cut but his situation is a bit different. Whereas the Jaguars have a pair of in-house replacements ready to step up if (when?) they move on from Robinson, that's not the case with Scherff.

A first-round pick in 2015, Scherff spent his first seven seasons with the Washington Commanders. Having made the Pro Bowl five times throughout his career, he was in a position to ask for a top-market contract, which he got from Jacksonville. The deal the former Iowa Hawkeye inked in 2022 was worth $49 million for three years.

Two years after signing Scherff, it's fair to say the Jags haven't gotten enough bang for their buck. Even though he hasn't been dreadful, he wasn't been great, and he's getting paid like a great player. In fairness, he hasn't missed a single game but he's been held back by injuries these past two seasons. Then again, the team's brass surely expected more when they brought him aboard in 2021.

Scherff is now entering the last year of his contract. He's set to have a cap hit of $23.9 million but the Jags could free up $9 million in cap space with $14. 8 million (they already paid him that amount in the form of a bonus) in dead money if they move on from him. The issue with that is that they would need to either sign a guard in free agency or draft one.

Also, there's a chance Scherff will regain his Pro Bowl shape. Regardless of the route the front office takes, they at least have a bit of flexibility, which isn't the case with other players who popped up on this list.