3 Vikings players the Jaguars should target before the 2023 trade deadline

• The Jaguars have enough pieces to make a playoff push

• Still, they could make a few upgrades before the trade deadline

• These 3 Vikings players could be of help

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No. 1 Vikings player the Jaguars should target before the deadline: Danielle Hunter, OLB

This is arguably the trade that makes the most sense from the Jaguars' perspective and one that has been floated several times in the offseason and picked up steam when Danielle Hunter started following Jacksonville on Instagram.

Hunter has been one of the Vikings' few bright spots this season, logging six sacks and nine tackles for a loss. But in spite of his steady play, Minnesota is 1-4, so there's a strong chance that moving on from him won't move the needle. Keep in mind that the Vikes previously looked at their options, so it wouldn't be shocking if they decide to trade him before the deadline.

The Jags would be a logical suitor. As said before, Hunter was seemingly interested in landing in Jacksonville. The trade would also make sense because he would round out a pass rush that sorely lacks talent beyond outside linebacker Josh Allen. It's true that sophomore Travon Walker has made strides in 2023 but he still has a long way to go before he can become a legitimate threat.

By trading for Hunter, the Jaguars would get Allen a bookend pass rusher whom opposing teams would need to account for on every play. Also, Hunter would turn what seems to be a weakness into a potential strength. Given that the Vikings are expected to be in fire-sale mode, a third-round pick in 2024 could get a deal done.

Right now, Hunter has as many sacks as Allen (six) this season. Imagine if they played opposite each other, he could have tipped the scale in the Jaguars' favor in the losses to the Kansas City Chiefs and the Houston Texans.

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