3 updated and fresh predictions for the 2023 Jacksonville Jaguars season

Jacksonville Jaguars Offseason Workout
Jacksonville Jaguars Offseason Workout / James Gilbert/GettyImages
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2. Jacksonville will be the number one seed in the AFC

The Jacksonville Jaguars have a chance to be a special team this year.

The AFC is the better of the two conferences and it isn't really even close. Is there even a team that is straight-up bad in the AFC? There are some lesser teams for sure but bad? No.

That would make the Jacksonville Jaguars winning the right to be the number one seed even more impressive. They have what they need to make that happen.

They play in the weakest division of the four AFC divisions which is a nice start. They should be able to win most of those games.

Yes, they have a first-place schedule but their games against the Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs, and Cincinnati Bengals are all spread out which will help them.

If everything here goes their way, they will be the number one seed and have a playoff bye. This could be what the team needs in order to make a big playoff run.