3 truths and 2 lies from the Jaguars frustrating loss to the Chiefs

• Let's look at some of the narratives surrounding the Jaguars following their loss to the Chiefs in Week 2
Jacksonville Jaguars guard Brandon Scherff (68) holds off Kansas City Chiefs Matt Dickerson.
Jacksonville Jaguars guard Brandon Scherff (68) holds off Kansas City Chiefs Matt Dickerson. / Bob Self/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY
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Truth 1: The Jaguars defense is legit (now they need the offense to step up)

The Jaguars won the opener and then dropped a game. While it may be early in the season to come up with any meaningful conclusions, one recurrent topic has been the high effort from the Jaguars' defense. They currently rank 10th in points allowed, which doesn't look like anything out of the ordinary. at first sight. After all, they were 12th at the end of the season. Sure, there's an improvement but nothing particularly outstanding, right?

The truth is that a closer look shows that the defense gave Jacksonville a chance to beat the Colts and kept things close against the Chiefs. In the opener, they made several key stops in the fourth quarter that allowed the offense to take the reins and win the game. Similarly, they limited Kansas City to just one touchdown before halftime. Eventually, they allowed 12 points in the second half but you could make the case that they were exhausted after spending too much time on the field.

Had the offense done its job and built a lead, they would've taken the burden off the defense but that wasn't the case. Either way, the Jaguars should be thrilled about what they've seen the last two weeks.

Players such as safety Andre Cisco, linebacker Foyesade Oluokun, and cornerback Tyson Campbell have stepped up. Similarly, the pass rush hasn't been the issue it was thought to be throughout the offseason. If that wasn't enough, the Jags will get reinforcements when defensive end DaVon Hamilton is activated from the Injury Reserve after Week 4.

The bottom line is that the defense has done its job. It's now time for the offense to do theirs.

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