3 strongest positions on the Jacksonville Jaguars roster

Jacksonville Jaguars Offseason Workout
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2. Wide Receiver

Trevor Lawrence is going to be happy about his WR group in 2023.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have needed to surround Trevor Lawrence with good players. Of course, they have so far up to this point.

It is only going to get better over the years as he becomes an even better quarterback. The weapons that he has right now are awesome and they have to be so excited to play with him now.

Christian Kirk was the number one wide receiver last year. He is going to be back looking to make more noise again this year. Zay Jones and Jamal Agnew should be great behind him again as well.

The fact that Calvin Ridley will be there this year, however, is a game-changer. The Jaguars acquired him in a trade midway through last year but he couldn't play because of off-the-field issues.

Now, he is back and that is why their wide receiver room has to be one of the strongest rooms in the entire organization. They should be so fun to watch.