3 reasons Trevor Lawrence would be a great pick for Netflix Quarterback

• Trevor Lawrence declined to appeared in Quarterback season 2

• He would be a great pick if he changes his mind

Jul 26, 2023; Jacksonville, FL, USA;  Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence (16).
Jul 26, 2023; Jacksonville, FL, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence (16). / Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence is perfect for Netflix Quarterback

Trevor Lawrence has remained humble even though he won a National Championship with the Clemson Tigers and later became the No. 1 overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. He's certainly got reasons to brag and be boastful if he wanted to but that's not who he is.

Some NFL players talk about how they spend months preparing for the regular season and how their life revolves around football. While there's nothing inherently bad with that approach, Lawrence won't let his job define him as a person. It's true that he gets lots of attention because of his accomplishments on the football field but he knows there's more to life.

Heading into the 2021 draft, Lawrence made headlines because he said he was passionate about playing but it wasn't the most important thing in his life. Some analysts saw his comments as a cause for potential concern because — in their opinion — players must live and breathe football 24/7 to be successful. However, Lawrence said he was more interested in striking the right balances, and based on how his NFL career has played out, his approach is working.

Make no mistake, Lawrence is a fierce competitor but he's the kind of person that turns the switch off once he goes home. Even though he's earned millions of dollars because of his endorsements and his NFL career, he's the carefree, down-to-earth kind of dude that won't refuse to take pictures with fans and seems to enjoy every moment in life.

By being featured in a future season of Quarterback, everyone would get a closer look at how Lawrence prepares during the week, his study habits, and how he finds balance on and off the field.