3 reasons Doug Pederson will be the Coach of the Year

It was a beautiful and crisp February day in Jacksonville when Doug Pederson officially became Jaguar's head coach. The Jaguars had just finished the season in last place for the second Year in a row. Expectations for the franchise were at an all-time low.

Jacksonville Jaguars Offseason Workout
Jacksonville Jaguars Offseason Workout / James Gilbert/GettyImages

The culture in Jacksonville began to evolve. It became less of a disastrous chaotic mess and an air of professionalism took over the Jaguars when Doug Pederson took over as the head coach.

Nevertheless, the Jags flopped on their faces right out the gate again in 2022. By Week 8, they were 2-6 and the city of Jacksonville started to tune in to college football, scoping out next year's options with another No.1 pick.

This is just about the time Peterson's plan started to catch on. He broke them down and finally hit bottom with nowhere to go but up. The players, coaches, and administration started to get it together. We all know what happened next.

In his first season, Pederson led the Jaguars to seven points from an AFC championship and a shot at the Superbowl. He led the abysmal franchise from worst to a surprise contender in his first season, yet he only finished third in the AP NFL Coach of the Year. It was an atrocity, an injustice, and just plain old mean-hearted.

This year will be different. Everyone is ready in Jacksonville and coach Pederson is leading a revolution. The Jaguars have confidence, maturity, experience, and a chip on their shoulder. They will show up this season and make a legitimate Superbowl run. There are three reasons that Doug Pederson will win the Coach of the Year Award:

The Jacksonville Jaguars clearly have a good coach leading the way.

Calvin Ridley has served his suspension, apologized, and is taking steps to correct his mistake. He is in breakout condition and will be the biggest offensive threat the Jaguars have ever seen in their organization's history.

Trevor Lawrence is the "Prince that was Promised" and has developed just as expected. He will make the next step with Ridley and become one of the NFL's elite passers. He will contend for the MVP, thus being the second reason to like Pederson's chances for the CotY.

Lastly, the Jaguars' schedule is a reason. On paper, they have a very daunting road to the playoffs. They are all the top-rated teams in the AFC plus the San Francisco 49ers. They are favored in only 10 of 17 games this season.

Two of their away games will be played in London, the Jaguar's second home. They also play both of those games in subsequent weeks, eliminating the travel before their game with Buffalo.

Buffalo will be at a disadvantage playing a home game away without their fanbase and having to travel to another continent to play the Jaguars, who will be pretty acclimated to the UK by then. Look for a Jaguars upset that week.

They will also get the Chiefs at home away from Arrowhead where they only lost in the playoffs due to an uncharacteristic Chad Henne miracle drive.

Burrow and the Bengals will have to travel to Jacksonville as well. Believe Pederson will lead the Jaguars to upset the Bills, Bengals, Chiefs, Steelers, and Browns. If he does, the Jaguars should be 14-3 barring an upset themselves and looking at a first-round bye.

Doug Pederson is currently +2200 and the ninth-ranked coach for the award. The world is sleeping on the Jacksonville Jaguars and it will be a wild year in Duval.

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