3 reasons to believe Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence will be the 2023 NFL MVP

Trevor Lawrence is quickly becoming one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL and here are three reasons he could be the league's MVP in 2023.
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Jacksonville Jaguars v Kansas City Chiefs
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Jacksonville Jaguars v Kansas City Chiefs / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Trevor Lawrence is becoming everything the Jacksonville Jaguars could have hoped for when they unquestionably drafted him with the first overall pick in 2021. Despite a tumultuous rookie season, he held his head high, was professional, and worked hard to develop.

Lawrence's diligence and hard work blossomed with a new well-managed regime under HC Doug Pederson. Now in 2023, everything is set for the prince that was promised to become the King of Jacksonville.

To full fill his destiny, Lawrence will need to win the very first MVP award. Winning an MVP isn't a solo accomplishment though; many pieces must come together to make that happen. So let's look at three reasons Lawrence could finally bring an MVP award home to Jacksonville.

3. Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence has a HC that will push him to get better

First is his coaching staff. Doug Pederson took over after a debacle left by Urban Meyer. It took a few weeks to work out the kinks and exorcise the ghost of that previous regime, but once Pederson did, the Jaguars were unrecognizable from their last-place 2021 team.

Pederson has cleaned up the organization and culture and inspired hope in Jacksonville. He has developed the young team and has them working as a unit. With Pederson at the helm, the Jags are finally an NFL-caliber franchise. His presence, guidance, and experience are the best reason Lawrence will exceed his projections and be in the MVP debates.