3 reasonable expectations for Jaguars WR Zay Jones in 2023

• Here's a look at what Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Zay Jones brings to the table in 2023 coming off a career year.
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2. Jaguars WR Zay Jones could have a decrease statistical performance

Looking at Zay Jones' statistical performance in 2022, it is evident that he made significant strides in his career. He set new career highs for receiving yards and receptions, recording 823 yards and 82 receptions, respectively. These numbers demonstrate his ability to contribute as a consistent target for Lawrence.

However, it is essential to note that Jones' efficiency with the volume he received was not exceptional. Among the 33 wide receivers who saw 100+ targets, Jones ranked 28th in yards per route run and 29th in receiving yards per game. This inefficiency raises concerns about his ability to maintain his production level in 2023.

To project Zay Jones' performance in the upcoming season, it is crucial to consider the overall offensive outlook for the Jaguars. The team has solid weapons with the likes of Ridley, Kirk, Engram, and running back Travis Etienne.

The presence of these talented players may result in a redistribution of targets, potentially impacting Jones' numbers next season. If he can continue to improve his efficiency and make the most of his opportunities, Jones has the potential to contribute significantly to the team's offensive success, even if he doesn't get as many targets as he had last year.