3 potential trap games on the Jacksonville Jaguars 2023 schedule

Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson (4) talks with fellow QB Joshua Dobbs during the first half.
Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson (4) talks with fellow QB Joshua Dobbs during the first half. / Jeff Lange / USA TODAY NETWORK
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No. 1 trap game on the Jacksonville Jaguars schedule: vs. Houston Texans

By now, you have probably heard Pacman Jones saying the Jaguars aren't the top team in the AFC South, adding that he would give that distinction to the Houston Texans. While that's a puzzling take, it's fair to point out that the Jags division foes had one of the most productive offseason of every club in the NFL.

Besides signing tight end Dalton Schultz, wide receiver Robert Woods, linebacker Denzel Perryman and running back Devin Singletary, the Texans traded for offensive guard Shaq Mason and gave left tackle Laremy Tunsil a new deal, ensuring that C.J. Stroud has optimal protection up front.

Speaking of Stroud, Houston came out of the draft with a handful of players that could turn out to be core pieces. This isn't to say Jones is right and the Texans are better than Jacksonville but sweeping their division rival in 2023 might not have been as easy as it seemed earlier this year.

Just last year, Jacksonville split the series, losing to a Davis Mills-led Texans team in their first divisional encounter. With head coach DeMeco Ryans in place and a more talented roster, Houston won't surrender without a fight. In fact, it wouldn't be shocking to see them finish second in the division, behind the Jaguars, of course.

The bottom line is that winning in the NFL is tough and if the Jaguars overlook Houston, they run the risk of losing a game. When you consider that they'll be looking for the best possible playoff seeding, every loss counts, so they can't afford to take the foot off the pedal.

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