3 potential trade destinations for Jaguars OLB Josh Allen if negotiations get rocky

• Josh Allen has earned a contract extension

• The Jaguars' brass hasn't started negotiations

• If things get ugly, these could 3 trade partners

Dec 31, 2023; Jacksonville, Florida, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Josh Allen (41) celebrates
Dec 31, 2023; Jacksonville, Florida, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Josh Allen (41) celebrates / Jeremy Reper-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Atlanta Falcons

Most NFL teams (if not all) would love to have a pass rusher of Josh Allen's caliber. However, it wouldn't be easy to find a legitimate suitor. Clubs such as the Denver Broncos and the Cleveland Browns would certainly inquire about the former Kentucky Wildcat if they could. However, neither the Broncos nor Cleveland have enough cap room or draft picks to make a deal happen. Other teams, like the Carolina Panthers, will have the space but not the draft picks to make a run for Allen.

Those qualifiers ultimately narrow down the potential list of suitors that could trade for Allen. One club that does match the requirements is the Atlanta Falcons. They have a healthy cap situation and their first-round picks this and next year. What they don't have is a pass rusher. Heck, they lack talent at most position groups, and recently hired head coach Raheem Morris will be tasked with the rebuild.

If Morris wants to succeed right off the bat, he'll need as many difference-makers as he can get his hands on. Finding an edge rusher that can continually bring the heat and wreak havoc will be one of the Falcons' top priorities this offseason, arguably second to acquiring a competent quarterback.

Last year, their best pass rusher was Calais Campbell (remember him?), who was tied for a team-best 6.5 sacks. Bud Dupree had as many as the player known affectionately as the Mayor. If there was a club that struggled more than the Jaguars to consistently rush the passer last year was Atlanta. Campbell and Dupree are now set to become free agents, so the Falcons will need to give their rotation a makeover. That's where Josh Allen comes in.

Unlike the Raiders, Atlanta doesn't have a blue-star player to trade but they have their first-round picks this upcoming draft and next year. The Jaguars are no strangers to making deals with the Falcons, so maybe that could incentivize them to work out a trade that sends Allen to Atlanta.