3 paths the Jaguars can take when Cam Robinson suspension is lifted after Week 4

• Cam Robinson is set to return from a suspension after Week 4

• Here are three paths the Jaguars could take once he returns

Jacksonville Jaguars offensive tackle Cam Robinson (74) reacts to a catch being confirmed in favor.
Jacksonville Jaguars offensive tackle Cam Robinson (74) reacts to a catch being confirmed in favor. / Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Unio / USA
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The Jaguars could also trade Cam Robinson before the deadline

When Cam Robinson got suspended, all the guarantees on the contract he signed last year were void. This makes it considerably easier for them to trade him. By moving on from him, they could acquire draft picks and free up cap space.

Given the demand for the position around the league, there could be a robust market for Robinson's services if the Jags were to place him on the trade block. This scenario would be viable if Ben Bartch and Anton Harrison show improvement the next two games.

It's true that the Jaguars need to put their best players on the football field and if Robinson fits the bill, he should then plug him back at left tackle. But if moving Walker Little to either left guard or right tackle will only provide a marginal improvement, they might be better off keeping him at left tackle.

It's also worth noting that Little has fared well enough at left tackle for the Jaguars to at least consider going with him the rest of the way. He's still in his rookie deal and may have a bigger ceiling than Robinson, so why fix what's not broken?

By trading Robinson, the Jaguars would avoid any potential controversy. That said, keeping Robinson around has its merits. This is something the Jaguars' brass has most likely discussed and will keep discussing.

Right now, there doesn't seem to be a clear-cut answer because the Jaguars are probably expecting to see how the offensive line performs in the next two weeks. One thing is certain, it will be interesting to see what the path they'll make.

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