3 offseason decisions the Jacksonville Jaguars nailed in 2023, 2 they should regret

• The Jaguars made a few good moves in the offseason

• But they also have a couple misses

• Here are 3 they got right, two that haven't paid off

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The Jacksonville Jaguars made several splash signings last year but they took a different approach this past offseason, mainly focusing on locking up their own players. This strategy makes sense when you take into account that there are several players who are in line for extensions next year, and the Jags will need plenty of cap space to re-sign them all, or as many as possible.

Looking back, the Jaguars' refusal to fork out lots of money in free agency has had mixed results. Some of their moves paid off while others haven't been nearly as successful. So which decisions did they get right, and which ones fell flat? Here's a look at them.

3. Moving on from Riley Patterson and signing Brandon McManus

The Jags struggled to find a kicker last year after parting ways with Matthew Wright. They first brought in veteran Ryan Santoso and later signed undrafted free agent Andrew Mevis. Neither one proved to be the answer at the position, so they claimed James McCourt before the start of the season. Not long after, they also picked up Riley Patterson when the Detroit Lions released him.

Patterson ended up being the Jaguars kicker for the 2022 season, with the staff sticking with him even after a rough stretch. The former Memphis Tiger had a strong finish, going 16-of-16 in the last seven games. He even came up big in the clutch, kicking the game-winning field goal against the Los Angeles Chargers in the wild-card round of the playoffs.

On the other hand, Patterson's limited range forced the Jaguars to go for it on fourth downs more than they would've probably wanted, which is why they wasted no time going after veteran Brandon McManus when he was released by the Denver Broncos.

The decision has paid off, and the Jaguars didn't have to fork out a significant amount of money to land McManus. So far, the veteran is 24-of-28 in his attempts this season, with his only misses coming on attempts of 40 or more yards.