3 moves the Jacksonville Jaguars got right in the 2023 offseason

• The Jaguars didn't live up to expectations in 2023 but they got a few things right. Here are three of their hits from last offseason.

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1. The Jaguars made the right call when they drafted Anton Harrison 27th overall

There's no doubt the Jags dropped the ball when they failed to address the interior offensive line last year. Looking back, expecting Luke Fortner to improve without bringing in competition and not adding insurance to the left guard position with Ben Bartch rehabbing a knee injury turned out to be costly. On the other hand, they made the right decision when they let Jawaan Taylor walk in free agency and later found his replacement in Anton Harrison.

While tight end guard and nickel were among the top needs in the draft, the Jags set their sights on Harrison at No. 27. Not long after his selection, the team's brass announced that he would play right tackle for them despite the fact that had mostly lined up on the left side in college. The transition wasn't flawless. In particular, he struggled when he went against defensive tackle Chris Jones in Week 2. But by the end of the season, the Washington DC native had a hold of the position.

In 17 starts, Harrison gave up five sacks and 27 total pressures. While not great, it's fair to think that he'll continue to make strides in 2024. Meanwhile, Taylor was benched twice early in the season and was routinely flagged. The fact that the Chiefs gave him a four-year deal worth $80 million while Harrison is in his rookie contract validates the decision to let Taylor walk.

The offensive line could undergo several changes in 2024 but the Jaguars won't have to worry about the right tackle position with Anton Harrison in the fold.

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