3 moves the Jaguars can make to create $40 million in cap space entering free agency

• The Jaguars could make a few splash signings in free agency if they make this three moves to create space.

Jacksonville Jaguars offensive tackle Cam Robinson (74) reacts to a catch being confirmed in favor
Jacksonville Jaguars offensive tackle Cam Robinson (74) reacts to a catch being confirmed in favor / Corey Perrine / USA TODAY NETWORK
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1. The Jaguars can trade Cam Robinson to free up a massive $17.8 M in space

The Jaguars are apparently bringing back the offensive line from last year. Besides re-signing Ezra Cleveland and restructuring Brandon Scherff's contract, the team's brass made it clear they expect Cam Robinson to play out his contract, which runs through the 2024 season.

The news was a bit surprising because all signs pointed to Robinson getting either released or traded. While it's true that the Jags benefit from the veteran's mauling attitute and nasty streak, moving on from him creates a whoping $17.8 million. Maybe Jacksonville's expectation is legitimate but plans change all the time, and trading him would come with several benefits.

With the cap savings, the Jaguars could address the cornerback position or bolster the center spot in free agency. On top of that, parting ways with Robinson would pave the way for Walker Little to start. Little, a second-round pick in 2022, has flashed when he's filled in for Robinson. The team's brass could roll with him next season — at an affordable $2.4 million — and see what they have in him. If he shows out, they can then give him an extension and if he flops, they can let him walk in free agency.

Last but not least, the Jags could get a draft pick in exchange for Robinson. Given the demand at left tackle, maybe they could get a third or a second, but even if they're offered a fifth, that's better than coming out empty-handed.

The bottom line is that the Jaguars are better off moving on from Robinson than keeping him around for another season.

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