3 Jaguars players that would benefit from adding DeAndre Hopkins

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2. Calvin Ridley

Adding DeAndre Hopkins would take a lot of pressure off of Calvin Ridley.

Calvin Ridley has a lot of pressure on him right now. He is coming back after missing the entire 2022 season due to a suspension from gambling on football.

He was a borderline elite receiver with the Atlanta Falcons and now he is trying to get back to that with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

If the Jags added someone like DeAndre Hopkins to the mix, Ridley would get a boost. For one, he'd probably be the number two behind Hopkins.

Even if he remained as the number one, he'd get some better matchups from time to time. The opposing defense would have their hands full if Ridley was the second best (possibly even the third best) receiver on the team.