3 Jaguars players that would benefit from adding DeAndre Hopkins

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The National Football League was shaken up over the weekend when the Arizona Cardinals released DeAndre Hopkins.

He has been one of the best wide receivers over the last decade or so and now he is looking for a new NFL home.

We knew he might be on the move via a trade but they ended up cutting him and now any team can get him.

The Jacksonville Jaguars don't 100 percent need him right now but adding him would make their offense even better. It would be a luxury.

There are three players on this roster that would immediately benefit from such a move:

1. Trevor Lawrence

Trevor Lawrence is obviously going to benefit by adding elite weapons.

Well, of course. The star quarterback that is entering his third year in the league would love to add a wide receiver like this. He already has tons of weapons so adding another would make life even easier.

In 2022, we saw Lawrence become a star. He was held back in his rookie season as the Urban Meyer experience was terrible. Once Lawrence got a good head coach, he took a big step.

Now, bigger steps are going to be taken this year. If DeAndre Hopkins were a part of it all for Jacksonville, big things could happen.

Lawrence is going to have lots of great weapons throughout his career. If he continues to take big steps, these receivers are going to beg to play with him. We've seen it with other elite QBs across the league. It helps him just as much as it helps the receivers.