3 Jacksonville Jaguars who could get cut after the 2023 NFL Draft

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The Jacksonville Jaguars are entering the 2023 NFL Draft with good vibes. They were outstanding in 2022 and could become even better if they have a good showing.

After two straight years with the first overall pick, they now are sitting with pick 24 which speaks volumes about their improvement during the 2022 season.

Coming into the draft, they will be looking to make big moves that give them a chance to win the Super Bowl which might sound crazy but it is true.

Depending on how the team decides to draft, there might be some players that could get cut. These three players might be in danger of being cut:

1. JaMycal Hasty

The Jacksonville Jaguars could add a different running back to the room.

The Jacksonville Jaguars currently have JaMycal Hasty as their second running back on the depth chart. Of course, Travis Etienne is the number one guy who had a fantastic year in 2022.

Behind Hasty is Snoop Connor who was a fifth-round pick in 2022. The fact that they used draft picks on Etienne and Hasty make it clear that they won't be cut any time soon.

If the Jaguars decide to draft a back for the third year in a row, Hasty is the one that is likely to be cut. He isn't a guy that is going to save the franchise from that position so they might as well keep trying to improve.

If adding one more gives them a really great trio, that would really help Trevor Lawrence. This offense has some really good potential that can lead to big wins in 2023.