3 Jacksonville Jaguars who could be put on the trade block before the 2023 NFL Draft

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2. player the Jacksonville Jaguars could trade before the draft: Walker Little, OT

One of the biggest question marks in the Jaguars' roster the last two years has been offensive tackle Walker Little. Why would the team's brass use a second-round selection on the Stanford Cardinal just to keep him on the bench? It's certainly not a lack of talent. Whenever he's called upon, he's delivered.

The fact that Little can line up on both sides of the offensive line makes him an appealing player. Yet, he doesn't seem to have a defined role for the 2023 NFL season. While it's true that there's plenty of time left to figure things out and the coaching staff has to sort out all their options, it's fair to wonder what's taking so long to name him the starter. Perhaps they already did it behind doors but if that's the case, it would be reassuring to hear about it.

On the other hand, there's a chance the Jaguars will take an offensive tackle to replace Jawaan Taylor in the first round of the draft. At No. 24, they'll be in a position to potentially take someone like Darnell Wright. If they do use an early-round selection on an offensive tackle, Little would then need to compete for the starting job.

While Little has shown enough to make you think that he can win a position battle in training camp, the front office could place him on the trade block. After all, what's the point of keeping a promising player on the bench? Might as well trade him to a team where he'll have a better chance of getting playing time.

Teams such as the Buffalo Bills or the Pittsburgh Steelers might be potential trade partners for Little.