3 Jacksonville Jaguars players who have disappointed the most after 7 games

• Several players have stepped up for the Jaguars in 2023

• Others haven't had much of an impact

• These 3 could do more in what's left of the season

Oct 1, 2023; London, United Kingdom; Jacksonville Jaguars offensive tackle Ben Bartch (78).
Oct 1, 2023; London, United Kingdom; Jacksonville Jaguars offensive tackle Ben Bartch (78). / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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No. 1 Jacksonville Jaguars player who's disappointed this season: Calvin Ridley, WR

Wide receiver Calvin Ridley hasn't been bad per se but he hasn't had the impact the Jacksonville Jaguars expected when they acquired him from the Atlanta Falcons last year. Ridley, who missed the 2022 season while serving a suspension for betting on NFL games, garnered positive reviews in training camp.

Throughout the offseason, Ridley showed the speed and playmaking skills that made him a mainstay of the Atlanta Falcons' offense early in his NFL career. He then had an outstanding debut for the Jaguars, hauling in eight receptions for 101 yards with one touchdown against the Indianapolis Colts in the opener.

However, Ridley's only had one 100-yard game since the opener. Right now, he's third in the team with catches behind fellow wide receiver Christian Kirk and tight end Evan Engram. He also ranks second behind Kirk in receiving yards with 368. Again, those aren't bad numbers but they aren't what you expect from a bonafide No. 1 receiver.

On the bright side, the tape shows Ridley is still playing at a high level but teams are making a significant effort to slow him down. Head coach Doug Pederson said as much after the win over the New Orleans Saints, where Ridley mustered one reception for five yards.

Having said that, you expect more from a WR1, one that has proven that he can play at an elite level. The good news is that Calvin Ridley is getting more acclimated to the Jaguars' offense as the year progresses and there's a good chance he'll hit his stride in the second half of the season.

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