3 free agent pass rushers still available for the Jacksonville Jaguars to sign

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The Jacksonville Jaguars have a very good team. They can contend for the Super Bowl right now if they stay healthy and all of their top players continue to play like top players.

Their offense was outstanding in 2023 and now it is time for them to make sure that their defense matches that level of play.

One way for the Jaguars to make sure that they do that this year is to add another player that can get to the quarterback.

There are plenty of good pass rushers still left on the free-agent list that the Jaguars should be considering. These three make the most sense for them:

1. Leonard Floyd

Leonard Floyd would be perfect for the Jaguars in 2023 and beyond.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are a good team but they can become a great team if they can get after the quarterback with some level of regularity.

Leonard Floyd is someone that can help them do that. He was okay with the Chicago Bears but he found a new level to his game with the Los Angeles Rams. Yes, Aaron Donald helped but he learned a lot while playing next to him.

While in LA, Floyd won the Super Bowl. That means he is bringing some level of knowledge that some young players on this defense could absolutely use.

He knows how hard it is to be the last team standing which is exactly what the Jaguars are trying to do this year. An addition like this would be absolutely perfect for the Jaguars if they can find a way to make it happen. Playing for the Jaguars is cool now.