This Jacksonville Jaguars player benefits from the off-season the most

Tennessee Titans v Jacksonville Jaguars
Tennessee Titans v Jacksonville Jaguars / Mike Carlson/GettyImages

The Jacksonville Jaguars are expecting to be a very good team in 2023. A lot of people believe in them but they also don't get the respect that they deserve.

The hope is that they are amongst the mix of elite AFC teams that exist right now. The hope is that Trevor Lawrence becomes as elite as them too which he already kind of is. The fact that he is likely to get even better should be considered scary for everyone else.

A lot of players on the team, including Lawrence, are expected to get better thanks to some of the additions made during the off-season.

One of them that stands out the most is Christian Kirk. He was amazing for the Jaguars in 2022 as their number-one receiver.

The Jacksonville Jaguars really need big things from their receivers.

Now, with the addition of Calvin Ridley, Kirk is going to slot in as the number two receiver which is amazing for him. All that means is that a guy that is a number one on most teams is now a number two on this team. He will certainly have a matchup advantage which is amazing for him.

When he goes against some of the top defenses in the league, he might find more room out there because they will be so heavily focused on Ridley. Kirk clearly benefits hard from the moves that have been made.

Technically the addition of Ridley came during last season but he didn't play due to an indefinite suspension. It was during the off-season that the NFL reinstated him and he is allowed to play. 2023 should be a big year for him.

With Kirk by his side and the other weapons that this team has, anything is possible with this group. On paper, they should run away with the AFC South but the games must be played. Hopefully, Kirk being slotted down one spot really helps him.

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