3 free-agent moves from AFC South foes that should worry Jaguars fans

• Just like the Jaguars, all other AFC South got better in free agency.

Feb 2, 2024; Orlando, FL, USA;  Minnesota Vikings linebacker Danielle Hunter (99) participates in
Feb 2, 2024; Orlando, FL, USA; Minnesota Vikings linebacker Danielle Hunter (99) participates in / Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports
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1. Calvin Ridley, Tennessee Titans

Calvin Ridley will have a chance to buck a trend. In recent years, the Tennessee Titans have become infamous for making wide receivers irrelevant. Julio Jones, Randy Moss, Andre Johnson, and were non-factors when they joined the Titans. DeAndre Hopkins managed to cross the 1,000-yard mark in 2023 but that was the exception and not the norm. It will be up to Ridley to show that wide receivers can thrive year in and year out in Tennessee.

You also have to (reluctantly) give the Titans props. Even though Jacksonville let him hit the open market, they were the favorites to sign him. But out of nowhere, Tennessee stepped in and outbid everyone for Ridley's services.

To his credit, Ridley conceded that money was one of the reasons he crossed enemy lines. But he also shared something telling about his stint with the Jags. Despite the fact that he had over 1,000 yards and eight receiving touchdowns, he wasn't used to the best of his abilities.

in Jacksonville, Ridley was routinely used in the boundaries, running mostly vertical routes. Rightfully, he said during his introductory press conference that offensive coordinator Press Taylor didn't always use him correctly, and he believes he'll be able to do so in Tennessee, opposite Hopkins.

Now, Ridley's production could be tied to quarterback Will Levis' development. Entering his second season, Levis flashed last year but still has a long way to go. If he takes a step forward, the Titans will be able to get the most out of Ridley. Another thing that should help Ridley produce in 2023 is that their offense will no longer revolve around running back Derrick Henry and will instead rely on Levis' arm.

Either way, the Titans paid a premium for Ridley, so expect them to feature heavily in 2023. That's not something the Jaguars will be thrilled about, as they know firsthand the kind of impact he can have in football games.

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