3 biggest remaining questions for the Jackonville Jaguars in 2nd half of the season

• The Jaguars went 6-2 in the first half of the 2023 season

• Here are 3 question they must answer in the 2nd half

Jacksonville Jaguars v Pittsburgh Steelers
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2. Can the Jaguars improve their offensive efficiency in 2023?

The Jaguars' offense is stacked with talent, starting with Trevor Lawrence at quarterback. Their wide receiver corps is among the best in the league and Travis Etienne is the spark that gets their running game going. Their offensive line, for their part, has done a good job of keeping Lawrence's jersey clean and opening holes for Etienne.

But in spite of all the talent the Jaguars possess on offense, their production leaves a bit to be desired. Make no mistake, they can move the ball an put points on the scoreboard. They rank 10th in points scored and a respectable 14th in total yards in the NFL. However, they could do much better. In particular, they must stop turning the ball over and improve their efficiency once they cross the middle of the field.

Three of the Jaguars' 13 turnovers have come in the end zone and their 47.6 percent success rate ranks 26th in the league. Similarly, their 35.5 percent rate in third down is a supbar 25th in the league. The good news is that offensive coordinator Press Taylor konws these are issues the team must work on.

"I think we have eight turnovers when we're inside our field goal range," Taylor told the media Wednesday when discussing areas where the offense needs to improve. "So worst case scenario the drive stalls out, we end up kicking field goals with a really good kicker. Those points are critical for us and instead we've given the football away and given away opportunities to score."

"So that's our biggest concern. And then we need to be better in short yardage. We need to be better in four minutes situations which we've had a lot more of. We need to be better. There's a lot of areas we continue to need to improve on," Taylor said.