Jaguars HC Doug Pederson pumps the brakes on RB Snoop Conner

Jacksonville Jaguars running back Snoop Conner (24) at Episcopal School of Jacksonville. Mandatory Credit: Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports
Jacksonville Jaguars running back Snoop Conner (24) at Episcopal School of Jacksonville. Mandatory Credit: Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports /

First-year running back Snoop Conner consistently made plays and showed progress on Day 7 of training camp. However, Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Doug Pederson pumped the breaks on the rookie’s outstanding day.

Pederson met with the local media on the Jaguars’ last day of practice before they take on the Las Vegas Raiders in the Hall-of-Fame game. The head coach acknowledged that Conner performed well in practice but noted that he needs to keep racking up good days and build off consistency.

"It was one day but it was a good day. And it’s about how can you stack days back-to-back-to-back and that’s what being a professional is all about. But I like where he’s at, like his progression right now. He’s done well with blitz protection and seeing things and catching the ball out of the backfield. These games coming up now we’re gonna be very meaningful to him."

Conner was one of two offensive players the Jags chose in the 2022 NFL Draft. Back at Ole Miss, Conner was part of a running back committee. He appeared in 34 games for the Rebels and had 304 carries for 1,560 yards with 26 touchdowns. He’s listed as the third running back, behind James Robinson and Travis Etienne, on the first depth chart the team released this year. Here’s Pederson’s whole exchange with the media in case you want to give it a listen:

Jaguars HC Doug Pederson is keeping Snoop Conner’s performance in content

As a player, you want your coach to recognize your progress. It isn’t any different at school or work. Whenever you put in time and effort to do something, you want to be assured you’re trending in the right direction but Pederson is right not to get too carried away by one practice.

In fact, he’s using the same approach when players have a bad day, like Luke Fortner, the other offensive player the Jags drafted. The former Kentucky Wildcat had struggled in one-on-one drills but the head coach said that there’s always going to be a learning curve when adjusting to the speed of the NFL.

All things considered, Conner is having a fine training camp. Although Travis Etienne is fully healthy and James Robinson is close to returning from the torn Achilles he suffered last year, backups are always one injury away from having to play. In fact, Jacksonville was down to their fourth running back late last season, with Robinson, Etienne, and Carlos Hyde out, so it’s good to know they have depth at the position this year.

Conner won’t see the field much in 2022 if Etienne and Robinson manage to stay healthy but he will be ready in case his number is called.

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