Jaguars pay fair price to Buccaneers to trade up for LB Devin Lloyd

After taking Georgia defensive lineman Travon Walker with the first overall pick, the Jacksonville Jaguars were set to select next at No. 33. However, they realized they needed to jump back into the first round if they didn’t want to miss out on Utah linebacker Devin Lloyd, so they called the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and traded their first selection in the second round, along with picks No. 106 and No. 180 for the 27th overall. Looking back, the Jags paid a fair price for the chance to land the player they wanted.

A website called CalculatorSoup has a formula that allows you to determine whether an NFL team paid fair value or retail in a trade. You enter the picks involved in the exchange in the appropriate columns, and it calculates the details of the trade. Here are the results of the trade the Jaguars made for Lloyd.

  • Team                       Jacksonville Jaguars       Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Picks traded            33, 106, 108                        27
  • Value traded            680                                        682.4
  • Gain/loss                  -0.35%                                  +0.35%

Given the formula used by CalculatorSoup, the Jags didn’t have to pay a premium for the chance to draft Lloyd. In fact, they pretty much got the same value in return. When you take into account that they entered the draft with 12 selections, it made sense to put a few of them together in order to get a higher pick, which is precisely what they did.

The Jaguars made several trades throughout the NFL Draft.

Later in the draft, Jacksonville once again traded up. This time though, they acquired the 154th overall pick in exchange for picks No. 188 and No. 198. With that selection, they took Ole Miss running back Snoop Conner. The team’s brass wasn’t done making moves and also sent picks No. 157 and 235 to the Buccaneers in exchange for a 2023 fourth-round selection.

It’s a good thing the Jags had so many picks at their disposal. It gave them the flexibility to trade up or down. All things considered, this was a productive draft for Jacksonville, as they came out with a solid haul and are set to have an extra selection next year.