Former Jaguars HC Urban Meyer has at least one supporter in daughter Gigi

Urban Meyer, head coach of the Jacksonville jaguars (Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports)
Urban Meyer, head coach of the Jacksonville jaguars (Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports) /

If you’ve ever watched a Fast and the Furious film, you know the franchise revolves around cars, bank heists, and mind-blowing explosions. Another recurrent topic in the FF series is the importance of family. The main character, Dom Torretto, always talks about how “he doesn’t have friends, he has family“. In the highs and the lows, your family will be with you, and that seems to be the case with former Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer, who has a supporter in daughter Gigi.

The Jags fired Meyer because he manage to successfully alienate players, his coaching staff, and the top brass. The head coach was responsible for creating a toxic environment and constantly diminishing assistants and bullying players. Former Jaguars kicker Josh Lambo recently talked about a time when Meyer kicked him. Meyer allegedly said being the head coach gave him the power/authority to do anything he pleased. Who in their right mind believes that’s a good way to motivate and inspire others? Regardless, Gigi Meyer believes her dad is the victim in this situation.

Gigi recently posted on social media a message in which she paints a favorable picture of the former Jaguars head coach and blames the media for portraying him as a bad man. Here’s what the tweet says and a screenshot of the post on Instagram.

"The enemy (aka the world) REALLY doesn’t wanna see good people win. & you can argue whether my dad is a “good person” or not based on what you see in the media. (super reliable source of info as we know). Anyone who truly knows us knows how incredible he is as a person. The enemy wants us to crumble & crawl into a hole. But I think you just release the Kraken in me."

Urban Meyer is no victim, he brought this upon himself.

Gigi’s post has conspiracy vibes, as she’s trying to make it sound as if the media was trying to get Meyer when that’s simply not the case. While there may be those that wanted to see him fail in Jacksonville from Day 1, the truth is that his firing was the result of self-inflicted wounds. Had he fostered better relationships with players, made better decisions, and had the emotional intelligence to cope with losing, he may still have a job.

Urban Meyer could be caught on video shooting puppies out of a cannon, and Gigi would still back him up. She’s his blood after all, so it makes sense that she will try to shield him from criticism. Meyer might be indeed a good person with close friends and family but it’s hard to alienate a whole NFL locker room and that seems to be what Meyer accomplished in Jacksonville.

Moreover, Gigi makes it sound as if her dad is a flawless individual but there have been several instances in which he’s shown questionable judgment. Do you remember he knew that former assistant Zach Smith’s spousal abuse allegations? Also, there’s this.

That’s a video of Meyer dancing inappropriately with a woman who isn’t his wife Shelly. It’s important for Gigi and Meyer’s family to stick together in this situation. However, portraying him as a victim is tone-deaf. In fact, Gigi may be better off staying away from social media for the foreseeable future.

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