2 Jaguars team captains have Urban Meyer’s back

Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer (Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports)
Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer (Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports) /

It’s been a hectic few days for the Jacksonville Jaguars after a video of head coach Urban Meyer getting frisky with a woman that wasn’t his wife surfaced last weekend. He faces a steep climb to regain owner Shad Khan’s trust and claim back ownership of the locker room. On the bright side, he has two supporters in quarterback Trevor Lawrence and edge rusher Josh Allen, two of the team captains.

Both Lawrence and Allen met with the local media Wednesday and the two of them reinforced their support for Meyer. For his part, Lawrence thinks the Jaguars head coach has done a good job of grabbing the bull by the horns and added that this incident won’t tear the locker room apart.

"He’s handled it well at this point. Obviously, it’s not an easy situation. You don’t want to be in this situation but he’s done right by us. It was a good meeting this morning. Just upfront with us, apologized. We’re a team, we’re sticking together. Just cuz something happens that puts a little stress on it, that doesn’t mean you just give up and go your separate ways. You figure it out and and work through it. That’s what we’re doing, nothing’s changed. We’re still very tight."

Lawrence doesn’t belives Meyer’s miscues will impact his ability to lead. He expressed his public support for him and noted that most of the team felt the same way, “he’s still my head coach, I still respect him”. Later in the sitdown, the rookie passer noted that it’s time to “move on, keep working and get better”. Allen echoed Lawrence’s sentiment and told the local media that the team has his back, “he’s going to bounce back, we’re all going to going to bounce back, we’re going to play even harder for him”.

The Jaguars must turn the page and focus on preparing for the Titans.

Lawrence and Allen are doing the right thing. They can’t let this situation divide the locker room. They were named team captains precisely because their teammates thought they are well-equipped to handle this kind of things. It’s their duty to keep the team together. Also, it’s a good thing that two of the Jaguars’ most prominent players have their head coach’s back. It’s possible that they met with other players and agreed that sticking together and keep up fighting was the best course of action moving forward.

Just a few days ago, insider Michael Silver reported that Meyer had lost the respect of the Jags’ locker room. Maybe some players have indeed given up on him, but it doesn’t seem to be the general consensus in Jacksonville. Then again, if most of the locker room is rallying behind the head coach, there’s not much they can do. After all, their job is a stake and don’t win much by underperforming.

Depending on whom you ask, adversity either builds character or uncovers it, and the Jaguars’ upcoming matchup against the Titans will the perfect moment for the Jags to unveil it. A win would be great for the franchise and the first step towards leaving all this behind.

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