Jacksonville Jaguars not dwelling on loss, know they must improve

Jacksonville Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence #16 at NRG Stadium. (Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports)
Jacksonville Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence #16 at NRG Stadium. (Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Jacksonville Jaguars
Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence #16 (Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports) /

Jacksonville Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence is taking on his leadership role.

Despite the fact that quarterback Trevor Lawrence is a rookie, his teammates deemed him good enough to be a captain. Listening to him speak kind of explains why he earned the honor. Right after the Jaguars’ loss to the Texans, he took responsibility for turning the ball over and not making enough plays to beat their AFC South foes. And once again, Lawrence held himself accountable when he met with the local media Wednesday.

"I gotta do a better job take care of the ball. It’s so important in this game, especially in this league. You go down in the margin minus three, it’s gonna be hard to overcome that, so it’s all of us though we all got we all got to be better, but it starts with me for sure."

Lawrence certainly has room for improvement. Nobody will have a three-interception game and claim they played mistake-free. Nevertheless, it’s unrealistic to expect him to play like First-Team All-Pro after just one NFL start. Down the road, the Jaguars will lean more on him. For the time being, he needs to keep working on his craft.

On the bright side, he looked promising against the Texans, showing poise and good pocket awareness. However, he also knows that he and the rest of the team need to work on those little things. He didn’t throw anybody under the bus though, and he isn’t the kind of person that is going to make passive-aggressive comments but he’s right.

The Jaguars coaching staff needs to put together a more balanced game plan, one that doesn’t have the rookie passer dropping back more than 51 times per game. Also, the defense needs to make more stops, apply more pressure up front, and force a couple of turnovers.

One game doesn’t make or break the Jaguars’ season. Lawrence knows it and he will keep improving throughout the year but he will need help.

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