Jacksonville Jaguars: Urban Meyer discusses RB depth, safety position

Urban Meyer, head of the Jacksonville Jaguars(Imagn Images photo pool)
Urban Meyer, head of the Jacksonville Jaguars(Imagn Images photo pool) /
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Jacksonville Jaguars
Urban Meyer, head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars (Imagn Images photo pool) /

There’s always a degree of uncertainty whenever you do something for the first time, regardless of your profession. You can prepare as best as you can and still run into situations you didn’t originally expect or plan for. Whether you’re speaking in front of an audience, performing at a venue, or coaching in the NFL, there’s usually a feeling of nervousness when the time comes to execute.

Things won’t be different for Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer, who has enjoyed success at the college level but will be making his debut in the NFL.

Meyer had a sitdown with the local media ahead of the Jaguars’ Week 1 matchup against the Houston Texans. He touched on several things, including how he feels about coaching his first NFL game. He says the preparation in the pros is different from college. He pointed out that teams are significantly smaller in the NFL and the coaching staff is making a decision on who’s going to suit up Sunday.

"Obviously, you look out there and you see a much smaller roster… We’re still deciding who’s going to be inactive the day of the game, those type of things. That’s the little bit of anxiety that I have. That that’s all new to me."

On the other hand, Meyer says he feels confident about the Jaguars’ coaching staff and the players.

"But, you know? As far as game management, I feel very good about it. I feel very good about our coaching staff and most importantly, I feel good about the locker room, which is maybe the most important thing in any organization."

Meyer is one of the winningest head coaches in college history. Thus, it wasn’t surprising to see the Jaguars’ organization aggressively court him to oversee their rebuild. The Ohio native has recently been the target of criticism. Some of it is warranted, most of it isn’t. Still, he will have the chance to prove Jags owner Shad Khan made the right decision when he hired him earlier this year.