Trevor Lawrence earns positive review from respected NFL voice

QB Trevor Lawrence #16 of the Jacksonville Jaguars participates at Dream Finders Homes (Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports)
QB Trevor Lawrence #16 of the Jacksonville Jaguars participates at Dream Finders Homes (Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports) /

Despite how talented Trevor Lawrence is, the Jacksonville Jaguars have refused to name him the starting quarterback. Heck, at the time of this story being written and published, it’s not 100 percent guaranteed he will start against the New Orleans Saints in Week 2 of the preseason. Nevertheless, a respected NFL writer believes the Clemson product passes the eye test and believes he’s ready.

Peter King of NBC Sports attended one Jaguars’ practice in training camp. In his most recent Morning Football in America column, he touches on several items, including a couple of clichés surrounding head coach Urban Meyer and his assessment of Lawrence. King had nothing but positive things to say about the top overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. There’s one throw in particular that caught his attention.

"I got to be up-close to Trevor Lawrence throwing the football for a few minutes—and in particular, throwing to a spot on a five-yard out route to the right sideline, on a three-step drop from under center, happening under the eye of passing-game coordinator Brian Schottenheimer. Each throw was a rope. Imagine a Max Scherzer fastball, throwing without grimace or a groan. It was effortless and a bullet."

King describes Lawrence as an “all-business dude on the field” and believes that the Jaguars’ schedule early in the season should benefit him.

Trevor Lawrence is close to making his NFL debut.

Although a few voices disagree, the consensus is that Lawrence was the most talented quarterback in this year’s draft class and arguably the top prospect since Andrew Luck in 2012. The Clemson product has had significantly more good days than bad ones in training camp and should be the Jaguars’ starting quarterback in Week 1 of the 2021 NFL regular season.

You may disagree with head coach Urban Meyer’s decision to have Lawrence compete for the starting job. However, there is no tangible way to tell if that approach is hindering his development. Will not naming him the starter before the second week of the preseason seriously affect the rookie passer in the long run? The coaching staff doesn’t believe so. Instead, they want to avoid putting too much on Lawrence’s plate.

Then again, if the rookie quarterback shines against the New Orleans Saints, it will be difficult for Urban Meyer and the coaching staff to keep putting off the decision to name him the starter.

Right now, it’s a matter of “when” and not “if” before the Jacksonville Jaguars announce Trevor Lawrence will be the starting quarterback when they face off against the Houston Texans in Week 1. King believes it would be a “stunner” if he isn’t. Lawrence is simply too talented not to start.

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