5 Jacksonville Jaguars hardest potential incoming cuts

Lerentee McCray #55 leads the Jacksonville Jaguars onto the field (Photo by Jack Thomas/Getty Images)
Lerentee McCray #55 leads the Jacksonville Jaguars onto the field (Photo by Jack Thomas/Getty Images) /
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Ben Ellefson #86 of the Jacksonville Jaguars (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images) /

Jacksonville Jaguars hardest incoming cut No. 5 – TE Ben Ellenson

Wait a minute! How can the Jaguars show Ben Ellefson the door if tight end is arguably the weakest positional group heading into training camp? Because he may be a victim of the numbers game.

After opting not to exercise the team option on Tyler Eifert’s contract earlier this year, it looked like the Jags were poised to throw a bag of cash to Jonnu Smith or Hunter Henry in free agency. Instead, they signed Chris Manhertz and brought back veteran James O’Shaugnessy. Furthermore, the team’s brass drafted Luke Farrell in Round 5 of 2021’s selection meeting.

Despite the fact that Manherts has 12 career receptions, head coach Urban Meyer thinks he can develop into a functional receiver. O’Shaughnessy will deliver when called upon but he’s better suited for a backup role. Farrell could also become a solid NFL tight end but he’s a project at this stage of his career.

If the Jaguars don’t have an answer at tight end, why would they Ellefson, who has earned praise from Meyer and the previous coaching staff? Tim Tebow. After last playing in a regular-season game in 2012, the Flordia product is attempting a comeback in the NFL… with a caveat. He is making the switch from quarterback to tight end.

Tebow is 33 and has been out of the league for a long time while Ellefson is barely entering his second season in the NFL. You would think this would give the latter an edge but the former has a tight relationship with the Jaguars head coach. Also, Meyer values Tebow’s leadership. That could leave Ellefson without a spot on the final 53-man roster.

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