Jacksonville Jaguars: 4 players with feast or famine prospects in 2021

Fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars (Photo by Alex Menendez/Getty Images)
Fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars (Photo by Alex Menendez/Getty Images) /
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4. Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence

Nobody will dispute Trevor Lawrence is the most talented quarterback prospect in recent years. He has the athleticism, the skills, and the emotional intelligence to thrive in the NFL. However, it’s too early to anoint him as the next big thing.

Lawrence was having a good offseason before he suffered a hamstring injury in organized team activities. Although he should be ready by training camp, the organization is monitoring his recovery. After all, the Jaguars most likely want him to be the starting quarterback in the season opener. Also, the organization is making sure he is in a position to succeed right off the bat. They added several weapons to the offense this offseason and reinforced the defense, so he doesn’t have to get into a shootout every week to win games.

On the other hand, what if everything the team is doing to ensure Lawrence thrives isn’t enough? What if he struggles early on? The Jaguars are building the team around him, so that would be a significant blow to the team’s expectations in 2021. The Clemson product is a rookie but he will be key to the team’s fortunes. If he performs like the top pick in the draft, the Jags will probably overachieve and could even break even in 2021.

The Jags need to ensure that scenario unfolds. If Lawrence struggles this upcoming season, the team may not be able to win many games this upcoming season. It won’t be as bad as it was last year, when they lost 15 consecutive games, but it won’t be pretty either.

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