4 reasons why Jacksonville Jaguars could struggle in 2021

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Trevor Lawrence
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4. Jacksonville Jaguars Trevor Lawrence looks underwhelming in 2021.

As important as Urban Meyer is for the Jaguars’ short and long-term success, Trevor Lawrence needs to prove he’s the quarterback of the future. He doesn’t need to make the All-Pro as a rookie nor lead the league in touchdown passes. However, he needs to show tangible growth as the 2021 season goes on.

The Jags are making sure the Clemson product is in a position to succeed right away, assembling the best possible supporting cast they can, so he doesn’t have to carry the team on his shoulders. Nevertheless, it’s not a given that he will succeed in the NFL. The draft is a crapshoot and there’s a legion of can’t-miss-prospects that ended up becoming busts. Now, Lawrence has all the tools to thrive in the NFL but what if he is just merely good and not great?

Then, there’s the injury factor. the Tennessee native has been dealing with a hamstring since the teams organized activities. Moreover, he underwent surgery on his non-throwing shoulder early this year. He didn’t come in the NFL with injury red flags but what if he can’t manage to stay healthy? That would hinder his development and his opportunity to make an impact in Jacksonville.

There’s a reason why the Jags are taking a cautionary approach with Lawrence’s hamstring. They want to make sure he’s ready for the regular season. Furthermore, they expect him to become the franchise quarterback they’ve been searching for.

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